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23 Drills in the Passing-Triangle (eBook)

Product information "23 Drills in the Passing-Triangle (eBook)"


Author: Steven Turek
Publisher: Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Soccer)
Pages: 36 - Graphics: 25



There are numerous possibilities to find suggestions and ideas if looking for passing-exercises. Magazines, books and the internet provide a wide range of organizations and variations.
However, experienced coaches know: Not the exercises decide about the learning process of a player, but the coaching of the trainer!

In order to present a selection of possible coachings on passing-exercises for coaches, Steven Turek wrote this eBook. Its purposes is to help identifying the fundamental principles behind every passing-exercise in order to transfer these to every other organization there is. For this purpose, you find tactical behavior's and matching detail-coachings in the first part of this eBook. Following this, I want to demonstrate with the use of 23 variations how fast and easy tactical principles can be transferred to a single organization of an exercise. He has chosen the passing-triangle as a clear and ideal organization to specifically illustrate tactical and technical behavior’s. The variations are arranged according to a different number of players and the skill level - but they can be randomly combined among each other.

  • Detailed-Coaching for Passer and Receiver
  • 18 Levels with 3,4 and 5 Players
  • 3 Drills with 2 Groups
  • 2 Drills with Finishing
  • Every Level and Drill can be combined
Age Group: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro

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