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Pressing - Games (eBook)

Product information "Pressing - Games (eBook)"
  • Author: Steven Turek
  • Pages: 64 Pages
  • Drills: 35 Practices
  • Level: U11-PRO

Pressing Mastery: Practices, Insights, Tips and Tricks by Steven Turek

"Pressing Games" is a practical eBook for soccer coaches, written by Coach Steven Turek. It offers 35 effective drills focused on pressing and counter-pressing, inspired by successful teams like FC Barcelona, FC Liverpool, and those coached by Mourinho and Simeone.

This book provides straightforward coaching tips and game principles, aiming to enhance players' skills in high-intensity play. It's a valuable resource for coaches looking to improve their team's performance in pressing, with accessible, impactful training methods that will elevate your team's game.

Steven Turek

Steven Turek during a coaching seminar

Defensive Dynamics: Mastering Opponent Possession

The book focuses on the "Opponent Possession" phase in soccer, emphasizing defensive strategies when the opponent controls the ball. It outlines key principles of play, serving as a practical framework for training and communication between coaches and players. The guide features game forms, from 1v1 to 11v11, structured around these principles to simulate real-match scenarios.

Key defensive tactics covered

  • Applying Pressure
  • Building and Defending Lines
  • Altering Lines
  • Recovering Lines
  • Man Marking/Block
  • Preparing Counters

These principles are essential for a team's defensive strategy, adapting to the game's dynamics. The book also offers coaching tips for anticipating plays and positioning players for effective defense and quick offensive transitions.

About the Author

Steven Turek

Born in 1990, Steven is a coach in professional youth football. Since 2016, he has contributed to dozens of coaching resources (books, eVideos, and more), published in numerous international coaching magazines, and is a sought-after speaker both domestically and abroad. Since 2019, he has been a co-founder of the coaching platform Coach2 – Academy, which offers online courses for coaches.

Steven Turek
Age Group: U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Steven Turek

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