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Goal Scoring Training System - Levels 01-04 (eBook)

Product information "Goal Scoring Training System - Levels 01-04 (eBook)"
  • Author: Peter Schreiner
  • Pages: 78 Pages
  • Drills: 38 Practices
  • Level: U11-PRO

Goal-Scoring Mastery: Techniques for Developing Soccer Strikers

Introducing the "Goal Scoring Training System" by Peter Schreiner. 78 pages packed with insights and strategies, this book offers a structured approach to developing shooting skills from beginner to elite levels.

Featuring 38 practices, readers will discover practical exercises for honing shooting technique, along with invaluable tips for effective coaching. Whether you're a seasoned coach seeking new ideas or just want to improve the scoring prowess of your players, this book is your ultimate resource for mastering the art of scoring goals in soccer.

For years, Peter Schreiner has been focusing on the topic of to develop and coach goal getters successfully. In the training of young players, targeted shooting training is often neglected. However, players love training sessions focused on shooting.

Peter Schreiner Goal Scoring

Peter Schreiner - Working with Strikers

Systematic Approach in 8 Learning Levels

In his new series, Peter Schreiner presents his systematic shooting training in 8 learning levels. With targeted detail coaching, players are helped to avoid mistakes and perfect their behavior when shooting. This prevents the ball from being shot at the goal in training and – even more regrettably – in competition, in any old way. Players learn to successfully score goals in various situations.

For his training, Schreiner has extensively studied "Shooting Training" and "Individual Training for Strikers". He analyzed over 1500 goals from Europe's top scorers and developed a training concept. This was followed by worldwide lectures, including for the AEFCA and the BDFL, as well as practical presentations in seminars and at congresses.

Goal Scoring Training System - Part 1

The systematic development of a goal-getter takes place in eight consecutive learning levels, starting at 7 years old and bearing fruit in the high-performance sector. This booklet covers the first 4 learning levels, laying the foundation for further training and providing basic exercises for beginners and advanced players, multiple actions (shooting), and complex training formats.

Level 1: Basic Exercises for Beginners

  • Players shoot a stationary ball directly at the goal.
  • Players shoot a rolling ball directly at the goal.
  • Players shoot the ball into the goal after controlling a flat pass.

Level 2: Basic Exercises for Advanced Players

  • Players shoot the ball directly into the goal from various directions after a flat pass.

Level 3: Multiple Actions (Shooting)

  • Players apply shooting techniques repeatedly, variably, and situationally, adjusting to changing speeds and directions of the ball.

Level 4: Complex Training Formats

  • Shooting after passing sequences
  • Players shoot at the goal in a complex training format with group tactical elements (one-two pass, play over the third player, overlap, "through-pass and return", etc.) while in motion.

Goal Scoring in Theory and Practice

In the theoretical part, Peter Schreiner lays the groundwork for successful shooting training. Questions like "What characterizes effective shooting technique training?" or "What goals does the coach pursue in systematic shooting training?" are answered in detail. Each exercise is thoroughly illustrated and described, including important coaching points to improve the players.

Peter Schreiner Shooting Drills

Peter Schreiner teaching and presenting the Goal Scoring Matrix worldwide

Mastering Goal-Scoring Techniques in Modern Soccer

"The Art of Scoring Goals" offers an essential distinction between various practice formats, contrasting controlled exercises without opponents with complex shooting games that demand quick thinking and precision amidst adversaries. This approach not only provides a comprehensive understanding of shooting techniques but also serves as a transformative tool for forwards and attacking players. Guiding them on a journey to becoming skilled and confident goal-scorers, this eBook is invaluable for those preparing for the rigors of modern football. It's a critical resource for both coaches and players, paving the way for unlocking scoring potential and achieving on-field success.

About the Author

Peter Schreiner

The former coach and youth soccer expert, including U19 Schalke 04 and former leader of the Schalke 04 youth academy, is the founder of the Institute for Youth Soccer and a sought-after coach educator, author, and speaker with numerous appearances at soccer congresses (DFB, BDFL, AEFCA) in over 28 countries. His publications have been translated into more than 7 languages.

Many of his publications, which he released with well-known co-authors including Horst Wein and Norbert Elgert, are considered standard works today. These include "The Art of Offensive Soccer" and "Developing Game Intelligence".

He is the organizer of the "Debystar Youth and Amateur Coaches Congress" and co-founder of "easy Sports-Software".

Peter Schreiner
Age Group: U7 - U10, U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Peter Schreiner

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