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Scoring with Precision (eBook)

Product information "Scoring with Precision (eBook)"
  • Author: Peter Schreiner
  • Pages: 106
  • Practices: 64
  • Level: U11-PRO

In the 4th part of the series: "The Goal Scoring Matrix," the focus is on the precision of goal scoring, which is necessary to consistently and regularly make the most of scoring opportunities.

World renowed coaches instructor Peter Schreiner shows you how to immprove the precision of your players, in theory and practice, including valuable coaching points and 64 practices!

The Art of Accuracy: Advanced Techniques in Goal Scoring

Precision is not improved by constantly repeating the same motion (grooving) but through "differential learning." This eBook explains what makes this training special and how it truly enhances players' precision in goal scoring. It also pays special attention to players' ability to use both feet, which is extremely important for goal scorers.

  • Is it possible to train goal scorers through targeted goal scoring training?
  • What qualities does a goal scorer have who consistently scores over a long period?
  • The "Goal Scoring Matrix" provides important insights on this.

In this 4th part, the focus is on a very important component, namely the precision of goal scoring, with the following key areas:

  • Precision training close to the goal (Messi position)
  • Precision training from the edge of the penalty area (Robben position)
  • The Goal Scorer's Diamond
  • The Haaland Triangle - Perfect movement to get open for goal scoring
  • Goal scoring after passing sequences – preparing for shots
  • Goal scoring under time pressure and opponent pressure
Peter Schreiner Shooting Drills

Peter Schreiner teaching and presenting the Goal Scoring Matrix worldwide

Peter Schreiner

The former coach and youth soccer expert, including U19 Schalke 04 and former leader of the Schalke 04 youth academy, is the founder of the Institute for Youth Soccer and a sought-after coach educator, author, and speaker with numerous appearances at soccer congresses (DFB, BDFL, AEFCA) in over 28 countries. His publications have been translated into more than 7 languages.

Many of his publications, which he released with well-known co-authors including Horst Wein and Norbert Elgert, are considered standard works today. These include "The Art of Offensive Soccer" and "Developing Game Intelligence".

He is the organizer of the "Debystar Youth and Amateur Coaches Congress" and co-founder of "easy Sports-Software".

Peter Schreiner
Age Group: U7 - U10, U11 - U14, U15 - U19, U20 - Pro
Autor: Peter Schreiner

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